Chinese student arrested for selling virtual items for MMORPG

Universsiteta Chinese student was arrested for illegal commercial activities. It is illegal was simply that while studying in Japan, I reckon (though, goes not so poor) had only a student visa, which gives no right to conduct commercial transactions.
X 23-year-old Wang Yu Xi arrived in Japan on a student visa in April 2004. Perhaps the workload was less onerous, allowing him almost immediately deploy all kinds of things for sale online Rpg, without this, no formal permission.
Officer suspected something was amiss a Japanese bank. He was concerned about the fact that Chinese students are regularly recited at home the impressive sum of money.
But police warn that the bank clerk inexplicably deigned only in August this year, after which the would-be student was immediately taken into custody.
The investigation it was established that year Wang Yu Xi earned more than 150 million Chinese yen, sending home with about 100 million.
And we students had more cars unloaded at night and for much less money …

29 November 2006 | activities, for sale, japan, lessons, mmorpg, object, operation, students

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