PS3 goes to England …

The British chain store Littlewoods imagines himself to be an early bird - despite the fact that Sony officially zavezet PlayStation 3 in Europe until the spring of next year, these Markets are already pricked to take pre-orders for the new console and the accompanying “gadgets”.

Actually, pre-ordered from Littlewoods dvadtsatigigabaytnuyu PS3 still can not, as can fuck and shestidesyatigigabaytnuyu in pure form - it only offers a boutique complete with games. Prices, as usual for Britons, irresponsible - for the PS3 with Motorstorm and box asking 549 pounds ($ 1.100). Bundle Console + Resistance and Call of Duty 3 “has been dragging for 610 pounds ($ 1.200). And the most expensive variation of the liturgy for your credit card as much as seven hundred pounds ($ 1.400) - prefix and four boxes of games: Genji, Motorstorm, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Tony Hawk’s Project 8.

Additional controllers valued at forty pounds ($ 80) , and games (the above, plus Singstar, Rainbow Six: Vegas, and Pimp My Ride) will fly to 55 pounds ($ 110) each. Democratic price policy, haw.

Littlewoods promises to deliver you selected bundle for seventeen weeks (that is to say, in late March - early April). There is time to break the pig piggy bank, take another look at the stated price, spit in the direction of Europe and buy a PS3 on eBay.

5 December 2006 | console, dormouse, europe, littlewoods, network, playstation, shop

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