Lineage II: New Skills classes in Interlude

There was exact correspondence mnformatsiya cited by me above grade and skill level of their receipt. Information taken from the forum Plus a small portion of new screenshots from the hats and the new raid-hunter carriers demonic weapons GORDON.

Cost of study skills:
lvl79 Skill - 80m SP
lvl80 Skill - 150m SP

Passive Skills.

Inner Rythm - reduces the cost of MP to the dance / song
Lvl 78; Sword Muse, Spectral Dancer.
Knight Hood - with wore heavy armor and increased pdef pdef shield
Lvl 78; All tanks.
Master of Combat - using the Blunt / swords / PoleArm / Fisto / duals increases patk and maximum values of Cp.
Lvl78; Duelist, Dreadnought, Grand Khavatari, Titan, Fortune Seeker, Maestro.
Archery - the use of bows and raises patk range
Lvl 78; All archers .
Assasination - when using daggers increases patk and Critical chance
Lvl 78; All dagger.
Arcane Lore - improves resistance to elemental attacks and increases the IMTA
Lvl 78; Storm Screamer, Mystic Muse, Archmage.
Necromancy - increased resistance to Dark Attack and increases the IMTA
Lvl 78; Necromancer.
Summon Lore - when wearing a robe / light pdef and kast.spid increase, decrease costs of MPs on the magical skills
Lvl 78; All sammonery.
Divine Lore - reduced costs MP on the magical skills
Lvl78; Eva Saint, Shillien Saint, Bishop, Prophet, Dominator

active skill.

Brave Heart - restores Wed uses spirit ore
lvl78; Duelist, Dreadnought, Titan, Fortune Seeker, Maestro.
Force Maditation - improves regen mR / hr, when you sit. Pdef with greatly reduced. When the attack stops, uses Force
lvl78; Grand Khavatari.
Sonic Barrier: Using Sword, instantly creates a shield that makes you neuyazvivym to conventional attacks and skill, buff / debuff
lvl79; Duelist.
Force barrier: Using Force, instantly creates a shield that makes you neuyazvivym to conventional attacks
lvl79; Grand Khavatari.
Mirage - takes you to target opponent. Not 100% action
lvl79; Adventurer.
Dodge Attack - evasion milishnyh attacks
lvl79; Wind Rider.
Counter Attack - reflects milishnye attack opponent
lvl79; Ghost Hunter.
Summon King of Kat - call King of Kat & newline ; lvl79 Arcana Lord.
Summon Unicorn of Magnus - Call Unicorn of Magnus
lvl79 Elemental Master.
Summon Spectral Lord - call Spectral Lord
lvl79 Spectral Master.
Cleance - removes all debuff target
lvl78 Cardinal.
Salvation - raises the target with full hp / mp / cp. Buffs / debuffs are saved, but Blessing of Noblesse and Seal of Fortune disappear (This spell is a buff)
lvl79 Cardinal.
Spell Immunity - makes you neuyazvivym buff / debuff for a short time
lvl79 Heirophant.
Spell Turning - cancels caste at the goal
lvl79 Heirophant.
Chant of Magnus - briefly gives party members soul of ancient magician. Requires Spirit Ore
lvl79 Doomcryer.
Victory of Paagrio - for a short time gives members of an ancient ally of the hero. Requires Spirit Ore
lvl79 Dominator.
Emblem of Paagrio - for a short time gives members ally resistance to kanselu and Debuffs
lvl78 Dominator.
Fist of Paagrio - increases the maximum Wed Members ally, accelerates the regen Wed Requires Spirit Ore
lvl79 Dominator.
Chant of Gate - Summoners summon to the party. Requires possession of those who summon, crystal of summon.
Lvl78 Doomcryer.
Summon Attaract Cubic - is Attarct Cubic
lvl62; Temple Knight.
Banish Holy - Makes the angels to flee in fear. Chance of Instant Kill, requires Soul Ore
lvl55; Shillien Knight, Dark Avenger.
Break Hold - using force, displays of Ruta.
Lvl62; All dagger.
Sonic Move - Using Sword Force instantly increases Movement Speed
lvl62; Gladiator.
Shock Stamp-kick on the ground, stanyaschy all around, knocking down their target
lvl62; Warlord.
Release Trap - out from under the spell of immobility (anchor)
lvl62; Tyrant.
Aura Flash - All surrounding receive Aura Flare, losing the target. Requires spirit ore
lvl 58; All mages.
Celestial Shield - protects target with divine power, instantly making the target invulnerable (duration 7 seconds)
lvl 64 Bishop.
Invocation - rapidly restores MP while not moving. Pdef with greatly reduced. When the attack stops.
(800-1500 cpx depending on lvlaza 30 sec)
lvl56; Elder, Shillien Elder, Bishop
Song of Silence: On the short period of time prevents enemies use physical or magical skills
lvl79; Sword Muse.
Spirit of Phoenix: Brings complete with xn and cpx, buffs do not disappear, but disappear but Blessing of Noblesse and Seal of Fortune (This is a buff, rather than skill resurrekta)
lvl79; Phoenix Knight.
Shield of Revenge: On short time reflects the damage from all the physical skills, including archery. Buff, duration 5 minutes
lvl79; Hell Knight.


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