PS3 begin to cheapen ….

Japanese fans consoles very lucky! Even today in Japan, the PlayStation 3 can be bought for far less money than before. It is very simple. Realizing that in today’s competitive market consoles PS3 with its price simply can not survive, Sony decided to go to meet the buyers. Now in Japan, the prefix can be purchased at 20% cheaper, which is quite a substantial discount. Subsequently, the PlayStation 3 should be cheaper in other countries. A firing plus everything a couple of hit toys by Sony a chance to correct a terrible situation, which is on PS3. As we see, the company decided to make concessions. Will it help increase sales? After lowering the price of the console - this is what everyone was waiting for … Maybe now the PlayStation 3 will be more popular and will be able to meet the expectations of the company? Perhaps, precisely on this question can be answered, when the price cuts will reach Europe. It is possible that if PS3 will be able to compete on the number of sales, even Nintendo Wii. The development of events promises to be interesting …

24 January 2007 | company, console, dormouse, japan, playstation, prefix, price

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Start selling PS3 in Europe is scheduled for March 23

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