Vista has blocked 70 million secretaries

Immediately after the release of the new operating system Windows Vista was discovered that she was “not friendly” with most casual games. Blame for all the high security measures Vista, blocking 90% of “games for the lunch break.” Coped with the problem only to hedge the firm, such as WildTangent, pre-edited the 300 games, reports TG Daily.

1 February 2007 | measure, release, security, vista

EVE Online in Russia
Made Man

• Alawar Entertainment has released a trainer for mathematicians »»»
The company Alawar Entertainment, specializing in so-called casual games, has released a new product called “Magic Numbers”.
• StarCraft 2 Betatest started »»»
Everyone who had the key to the beta testing and received a confirmation from Blizzard can go on Battle.
• Microsoft too far by making Vista so "safe", that its restrictions do not allow to work for most online games »»»
Additional protection Windows Vista makes it impossible to play in some of the Web’s most popular games.
• Man went blind after four days of continuous play »»»
According to the Chinese edition of China Daily, a fan of online games was an interesting gospitalizovan diagnosed after a held in a computer club for four days in a row.
• StarCraft 2 Бетатест начался »»»
Все, кто имел ключ к бета-тестированию и получил подтверждение от Blizzard может зайти на Battle.