Premiere PlayStation 3 at GameX!

At the upcoming Electronic Entertainment GameX 2007, which will be held in Moscow from 9 to 11 March in the International exhibition center “Crocus Expo”, held a welcome demonstration of the PlayStation 3.

23 February 2007 | center, entertainment, exhibition, gamex, march, moscow, playstation, prime

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Prospects for Sony Playstation 3 (PS3)

• Gameland Award - Russia's first awards ceremony in the field of computer and video games »»»
Online voting has already begun on the site of the ceremony.
• GameX 2007 introduced STALKERa »»»
One of the key events held this weekend in Moscow exhibition GameX 2007 has been a long-awaited appearance of “almost ready” version of STALKER you are developing for 10 years already.
• Exhibition "Igromir" at VVC »»»
4 and 5 November in Moscow will be the first large-scale exhibition in the history of Russia and okoloigrovoy gaming industry.
• PSP:: SONY Press Conference at E3 »»»
In anticipation of the exhibition E3 EXPO, SONY held a press conference and spoke about the updates to the company, which we see in the near future.
• Gameland Award - Russie la première remise des prix dans le domaine de l'informatique et des jeux vidéo »»»
Le vote en ligne a déjà commencé sur le site de la cérémonie.