Bill Gates lost a match, Rafael Marquez

At the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of Microsoft office in Mexico, Bill Gates (Bill Gates) has decided to show that he is no fool, and played with the club champion Barcelona (Barcelona) Rafael Marquez (Rafael Marquez) in football. And to not look stupid on the background of a professional athlete, the head of Microsoft suggested Rafael battle in a virtual football on the Xbox 360 console. Before the match defender asked Bill if he would, in that one of the world’s richest men said: “I would do it …

20 March 2007 | bill gates, club, defender, football, match, microsoft, mission, rafael marquez

If you hang on for more than 18 seconds - you’re a genius! :-)
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• Bill Gates can not play on the Xbox 360 »»»
Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, lost the match on the Xbox 360 Mexican soccer player Rafael Marquez - final score was 1:2.
• Bill Gates ne peut pas jouer sur la Xbox 360 »»»
Bill Gates, le fondateur de Microsoft, a perdu le match de soccer sur la 360 Xbox joueur mexicain Rafael Marquez - score final était de 1:2.
• Bill Gates kann nicht auf der Xbox 360-Spiel »»»
Bill Gates, der Gründer von Microsoft, verlor das Spiel auf der Xbox 360 mexikanischen Fußballspieler Rafael Marquez - Endergebnis war 1:2.
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Around the world, lucky owners of a new game console Wii by Nintendo began to notice that a few weeks of active virtual battles and sports, using the “revolutionary” joysticks, they lost a few pounds overweight.
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Société Microsoft a bloqué l'accès à Xbox Live pour environ 600 mille Xbox 360.