Bill Gates can not play on the Xbox 360

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, lost the match on the Xbox 360 Mexican soccer player Rafael Marquez - final score was 1:2. The game was held in the Mexican office of Microsoft, and was timed to coincide with its 20 anniversary.

21 March 2007 | account, bill, corporation, founder, gates, microsoft, office, xbox

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• Bill Gates lost a match, Rafael Marquez »»»
At the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of Microsoft office in Mexico, Bill Gates (Bill Gates) has decided to show that he is no fool, and played with the club champion Barcelona (Barcelona) Rafael Marquez (Rafael Marquez) in football.
• Bill Gates a perdu un match, Rafael Marquez »»»
Lors de la célébration du vingtième anniversaire du bureau de Microsoft dans le Mexique, Bill Gates (Bill Gates) a décidé de montrer qu’il n’est pas un imbécile, et a joué avec le champion du club de Barcelone (Barcelone) Rafael Marquez (Rafael Marquez) dans le football.
• Bill Gates verlor ein Spiel, Rafael Marquez »»»
Bei der Feier des zwanzigsten Jahrestags der Microsoft-Büro in Mexiko, Bill Gates (Bill Gates) hat beschlossen, zu zeigen, dass er kein Narr ist, und spielte mit dem Klub Meister Barcelona (Barcelona) Rafael Marquez (Rafael Marquez) im Fußball.
• Билл Гейтс проиграл матч Рафаэлю Маркезу »»»
На праздновании двадцатилетия представительства Microsoft в Мексике Билл Гейтс (Bill Gates) решил показать, что и он не лыком шит, и сыграл с защитником клуба Барселона (Barcelona) Рафаэлем Маркезом (Rafael Marquez) в футбол.
• Incredible Adventures Xbox 360 in Russia »»»
Russia launched the Xbox 360, called for so long, finally took place.