The long-awaited STALKER on sale now

At an extraordinary meeting dedicated to the official release of the game STALKER, was unanimously supported the proposal to declare March 23 as World Day stalker!
Today, March 23, 2007, in Europe and the CIS countries, an official release of the draft “STALKER”.
Congratulations to all on this significant event and thank everyone who was waiting for us, believed in and supported!

22 March 2007 | cis, country, europe, event, for sale, march, projects, release, spaces

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• GamePark offers PlayStation 3 for 21,990 rubles »»»
March 23, 2007 - the date of the official start of sales in Europe and PAL-territory.
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Senator Sam Brownback (Sam Brownback) proposed a draft law with the traditionally high-sounding title - “An act concerning the veracity Rate Video-games.
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Long-term construction STALKER, which is making for five years, it seems really comes out this year.