Conceived gamepad for PS3 i VAIO

Sony recently registered a new patent, entitled Hand-held computer interactive device, a description of which looks very intriguing. Thus, the design of a new three-dimensional game controller provides for retention of his whole hand. Movement of all the phalanges of the fingers and hands will be read by special sensors and transmitted to the PlayStation 3 or VAIO PC.

17 April 2007 | controller, dormouse, features, hand, name

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Sony and Immersion announced the settlement of a multi-year patent conflict arising due to the vibration function in controllers for the console PlayStation.
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Even before launching the PlayStation 3 and Wii just lazy analyst predicted the fate of each, did not promise an incredible success and a complete disaster for another.
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Sony und Immersion kündigte die Beilegung einer mehrjährigen Patent Konflikt entstehen durch die Vibrations-Funktion im Controller für die Konsole PlayStation.
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The purpose of the team from the University Center for
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Tow truck driver carrying two weeks ago, the crumpled car after a fatal accident that killed 11-month-old infant, was convicted of stealing a PlayStation 3 from a car.