Before the Fallout 3 trailer only a little over a month

Company Bethesda, which recently bought the rights to the Fallout series for $ 5.75 million, updated the web site of the new game, running back counter which shows how much time is left before the first Fallout 3 trailer. At the start, which so far is the only page of the site, you will find the new concept art, which was established by renowned artist Craig Mullins.

2 May 2007 | appearance, company, fallout, million, month, output, series, trailer, website

Demo project closed Fallout 3
The student was expelled from school for the cards for Counter-Strike

• Fallout 3 will be shown "soon" »»»
Bethesda Softworks The company plans to demonstrate the game “in the near future.
• Fallout 3 Alfa version, swing? »»»
Interplay company closed its role-division Black Isle Studios in late 2003.
• Nival Network has announced a competition of young developer with a prize fund 200 000 rubles »»»
It is held in two categories: game designer and concept artist.
• First trailer GTA IV »»»
By the time of launch trailer on the official site server could not bear the load of several million simultaneous connections.
• Fallout MMORPG probably will not! »»»
Fallout Massively Multiplayer Online Game (FMMOG) most likely never see the light.