The next game from id Software

At QuakeCon 2006 John Carmack announced that id Software has begun work on another big project. Officially, he has not yet announced, but we know that it will apply the technology MegaTexture for rendering large open spaces. MegaTexture designed to ensure that at the sites was not noticeably repetitive tiles.

8 August 2006 | , conference, john carmack, projects, software, space, technology

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• Full development of DOOM 4 will begin in October »»»
Full-scale development shooter DOOM 4 will begin immediately after the release of Rage, said John Carmack (John Carmack).
• Vollständige Entwicklung von Doom 4 wird im Oktober beginnen »»»
Full-scale Entwicklung Shooter Doom 4 beginnt sofort nach der Veröffentlichung von Rage, sagte John Carmack (John Carmack).
• John Carmack a parlé de DX10, Vista et la nouvelle console »»»
Lorsque le dit John Carmack (John Carmack), l’industrie préfère écouter ses paroles.
• John Carmack spoke about DX10, Vista and the new consoles »»»
When the said John Carmack (John Carmack), the industry prefers to listen to his words.
• John Carmack spricht über DX10, Vista und der neuen Konsolen »»»
Wenn das so John Carmack (John Carmack), der Industrie zieht es vor, seine Worte zu hören.