Medvedev proposes to develop the industry of Russian computer games

President Dmitry Medvedev said that advocates the developm[t:tag slug=razvitie]development of Russian industry of computer games.

“We can not always rely on foreign development, and they both find their place in the Russian market“, - the president said on Thursday in Obninsk in the meeting of the Commission on the Modernization and Technological Development of the Russian economy.

He said that at a meeting of the Commission will separately consider the development of industry of computer technology.

29 April 2010

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The adopted strategy of development of metallurgical industry until 2020.
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After the scandal surrounding the game “Call of Duty”, where gamers offered to shoot civilians passengers at Sheremetyevo, the State Duma is seriously concerned unpatriotic content of computer games.
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To pass the time at meetings of the urban economy that can drag on late into the night, members of the City Council of Rome issued laptops fitted with the computer games.