Linden Lab encourages owners paid accounts

Linden Lab Company is undertaking additional increase in the number of resident Second Life, with a paid account. On September 1, 2011 to holders of paid (Premium) Accounts introduced additional features. In the beginning of this article a short description of the opportunities that were at premium members before September 1. Furthermore, the innovations themselves and at the end of the article (you’ll be surprised), resident dissatisfaction SL, expressed in the comments to the official report.

5 September 2011

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• The American company has blocked access to the Crimean popular computer games »»»
From today, the American company Blizzard suspended Crimean access to their accounts Now residents of the peninsula.
• Roman politicians were given laptops with computer games, so they do not get bored on long meetings »»»
To pass the time at meetings of the urban economy that can drag on late into the night, members of the City Council of Rome issued laptops fitted with the computer games.
• Wargaming launched Turservice WGtravel with rewards for the players World of Tanks »»»
The developer of the game World of Tanks has launched a project WGtravel - service for the selection of tickets and hotel reservations online.
• Internet friends helped a blind gamers get a video game »»»
A blind resident of Canada on behalf of Jordan Werner was the game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
• Xbox One owner got free for a mate while playing in the NBA »»»
A moment later, after the player said a bad word, Kinect identified them, and his basketball team appointed a free throw for a technical foul.