Profit largest producer of games for social networks Zynga fell by 95%

The largest producer of games for social networks Zynga faced large-scale decline in profits. 95%!

This became known after the publication of financial statements for the second quarter of 2011, which brought the company a $ 1.3 million, while during the same period of 2010, Zynga has managed to earn $ 27.2 million gross revenue growth rate also slowed. In the first quarter increase over the last quarter of 2010 was 24%, while the second revenue increased by only 15% - from $ 242.9 to $ 279.1 million

However, the most unpleasant for Zynga was another indicator. For the first time the company has faced a decline in customer audience, which ultimately led to a drop in revenue from microtransactions (payments for various in-game items and bonuses) for about 4%. From January to March, users spent on the game Zynga $ 286,6 million, and from April to June this figure had fallen to $ 274.7 million

27 September 2011

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