Video Games to help get rid of congenital cataracts

Video games can improve vision in people suffering from congenital cataract (clouding of the lens). To such conclusion scientists from McMaster University in Toronto (McMaster University), writes The Telegraph.

According to experts, the disease is difficult to treat, and contact lenses are not always effective (there are difficulties in reading texts printed in small type, the problem with the perception of moving objects, recognition of individuals in adulthood). However, according to them, patients can be cured with the help of video games.

In the experiment, scientists took part in six volunteers aged 19 to 31 years with congenital cataracts in both eyes. “After 40 hours of regular computer games in the” shooter “for four weeks, patients were able to read text in small type, to determine the direction of the dots and recognize faces of people,” - said Dr. Daphne Maurer psychology (Daphne Maurer) from the University of Mc- Master.

It should be noted that this is not the first study on the beneficial effects of computer games. Previously, scientists have found that a 40-hour course of Play Therapy may be recommended for the treatment of amblyopia or “lazy eye”. The disease is associated with brain damage, which is one of the two eyes nearly or completely not involved in the visual process.

20 February 2012

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