The economy faces the threat of Second Life

As reported by CNET News, User Group Second Life, which included a man hiding under the nickname Baba Yamamoto, established a program CopyBot, which allows to copy any object in the virtual universe - from clothing to the virtual machine.

15 November 2006 | computer, economy, news, object, object, party, second life, threat, user

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• The real work in Second Life »»»
In the long term (2-3 months) are going to start a project to create a representation of SL one university.
• Source Second Life will be entirely open »»»
The company Linden Lab, developer of the popular virtual universe Second Life, today announced plans to open source the server side of the universe.
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LEGO Jurassic World despite the weakening sales that decreased compared with last week by 8%, continues to hold the lead in the game charts.
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The popular Canadian blogger made a parody of the project site Sesond Life.
• Main heroine Half-Life 2, now has news »»»
Program News at Seven generates newscast gathering them from various sources, sorts, selects the screenshot to the events and then through a system of speech synthesis, as well as through the engine Source, Alyx Vance (Half-Life Heroine 2) read the whole thing.