Lara Croft comes to mobile phones

The legendary Tomb Raider series of games has given birth to a new genre, “” third-party action “, and spread on all gaming platforms.

Newest game series, Tomb Raider: Legend, is out for PC and consoles, but this was not thinks “stop”. The next stage - a mobile platform in the form of powerful smartphones and mobile phones.

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• Exhibition "Igromir" at VVC »»»
4 and 5 November in Moscow will be the first large-scale exhibition in the history of Russia and okoloigrovoy gaming industry.
• Mobile Sea Dogs »»»
One of the most popular computer games available for mobile phones!
• Lara Croft returns to work in 2008 »»»
In 2008, the popular Tomb Raider game series will be continued, announced SCi, parent company of Eidos Interactive.
• Lara Croft kehrt im Arbeitsprogramm 2008 »»»
In 2008 wird, dem beliebten Tomb Raider-Serie fortgesetzt werden, kündigte SCi, der Muttergesellschaft von Eidos Interactive.
• 10tacle Studios is preparing a special version of Elveon for PS3 »»»
Elveon, role-based third-party action still appear on the Playstation 3 … Recall the game was originally announced only for the platforms PC & Xbox 360, causing a large negative from the fans console Playstation.