Armed to the teeth

The next edition Fox28 reports that the 13th of December in Indiana, there was a very funny, but at the same time and a sad case. In one of the offices of local banks’ network of Key Bank broke into the man, holding a certain device. Asked the robber to give him all the money and threatened to activate his instrument, resulting in all would skyrocket into the air. Bank employees do not have to think very quickly meet the request of the robber.
Then the crook left his blow up the device in the bank and left the room. After a short time arrived at the crime scene sappers managed to defuse a tool thief that was a simple joystick control of next-generation console Xbox 360. Noticed that the sharpest yet to catch the robber failed. What did and did not curry fans of the gaming industry. Someone is making love with his console, someone cuts buddy samurai sword, but someone now and robs banks with the joystick.

21 December 2006 | bank, console, december, device, edition, joystick, network, robber, tools

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