Graphics is 2 / 3 of the cost of the game

On Saturday, November 28 start Gstar, organized in Busan company BEXCO. On the stand Hangame all interested persons could get an invitation to a conference on prospects of a game involving art-project directors of the corporation. Opinion about the project art director Cheol-yung Hwang.

8 December 2009 | company, conference, corporation, cost, development, exhibition, graphics, membership, projects

Report from the conference TERA at Gstar 2009
Screenshots FGT, Garden of Dawn

• Report from the conference TERA at Gstar 2009 »»»
On Saturday, November 28 at the show Gstar 2009, conducted by BEXCO, held a conference for users.
• Rapport de la conférence TERA au Gstar 2009 »»»
Le samedi, Novembre 28 à l’émission Gstar 2009, menée par BEXCO, a tenu une conférence pour les utilisateurs.
• Akella Company made a formal response to the controversial review of the game "Disciples 3: Renaissance" of the site »»»
The official response on the items for review can be read here.
• Wii in Russia!!! »»»
Here Wii got to our own Palestine! Company “ND Video Games” (an independent division of the New CD “and RF-exclusive distributor of Nintendo) launched a sales neat white boxes with the new prefix.
• Bericht von der Konferenz TERA auf der Gstar 2009 »»»
Am Samstag, 28. November statt auf der Messe Gstar 2009 unter der Leitung von BEXCO, eine Konferenz für die Nutzer.