"Giperkostyum" Emove - a new level of interaction with games

The purpose of the team from the University Center for computer graphics - to create an inertial "Personal registration system of movements" (Personal Motion Capture System) with a realistic value. Used to dress up short called "Giperkostyumom" mass of electronics for 30 seconds. She put on the hand, captures the turns of the head with a cap with the sensor and is located on the chest system board, to communicate with the computer via Bluetooth. For both hands are separate joystick with buttons. Especially for the demonstration of the costume game Hyperfighter chosen as a simple example of its use. The character is an archer, so the user takes an arrow from a virtual located behind the quiver, nock and releases it, trying to become a contender for the last vision of Robin Hood. Hyperfighter - independent development of the University of Sussex, which used "engine" Panda3D from Disney, though at the moment you pass on Reality. Also graduate of Dr. Martin Whyte (Martin White) showed the game in bowling, adapted to suit the whole week.

23 October 2009 | center, cost, giperkostyum, graphics, hyperfighter, level, movement, suit, system

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