World of Tanks developers talked about the new physics

The network has video developers, telling about the physical model, which will appear in the World of Tanks to the end of this year.

The project team did a great job trying to make the game even more detailed and realistic.

Thus, for the destruction of buildings now used popular engine Hawok, which allows you to carry literally built brick by brick - for example, your shot can destroy the top floor, but leave the whole bottom. When rendering destruction even consider the type of projectile, which were being fired.

Changed behavior and tanks. Their caterpillars realistically interact with the surface, and on a bad road machine, for example, may stall. Finally, in the case of undermining boeukladki have tanks will fly off the tower - and flown away tower can easily destroy the house or hurt another military vehicle.

6 March 2014

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For the destruction of strategic facility used small aircraft, from which in peacetime were sprayed fertilizer during agricultural work.
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The idea of ​​the game, according to the developers, there was 29 or 30 December 2008.
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Ex-soldiers stalker front of the Ukrainian GSC Game World engaged in the creation of a network shareware shooter.
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The result of this mayor is there, that is, on the face.