Game PlayStation 2 is 9 years old

During this time, sold about 140 million consoles. In this regard, PS2 takes the first place, no other console so well sold.

For example Game Boy and Nintendo DS sold in about 119 and 108 million respectively. The first PlayStation has sold 102 million.

In the United States has sold approximately 44 million PS2-top boxes and the guys at Sony say that every third family in the U.S. is available PS2-console.

During this time, about 485 game developers (manny21: it is obviously about campaigns) released almost 10 000 PlayStation2-Game, which sold 500 million copies in the United States. For the console cost $ 99 so far come new games.

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ODROID - the first portable game console based on Android
In the period of unpredictable behavior of the dollar, the game is started giving everyone the opportunity to give his prediction

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