Cult critic Vladimir “Nomad” Goryachev cult resource rating to a cult real-time strategy Starcraft II

Players accustomed to the modern realities of the genre, Blizzard is unlikely charm. If you enjoy sharing the control points and placement of soldiers behind cover, then try a Company of Heroes, Dawn of War 2 or World in Conflict. StarCraft 2 - a gift to those whose blood boils on the development of support bases, planning upgrades, and filigree mikrokontrolya. Quit it seven years ago, we would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who wants to join the RTS. But that era has passed. Today it is - just a cure for nostalgia.

Score AG: 78% bad. This is the lowest score on metakritike.

3 August 2010

World Cyber Games 2010 Belarus - photo report
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• Role playing will change the world - Norwegian Minister »»»
39-year-old Minister for International Development of Norway Haikko Holmas with the age of 15 addictive role-playing games (RPG), at one time was one of the founders of the RPG-convention RegnCon.
• The "war on terror" will cost more than World War II »»»
The total value of U.S. military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan.
• Company of Heroes DirectX 10 »»»
Representatives of the studio Relic Entertainment ( “Impossible Creatures”, “Homeworld”, “Warhammer 40.
• Blizzard Starcraft cost more than $ 100 million »»»
The cost of continuation of the popular real-time strategy StarCraft accounted for developer company Blizzard Entertainment over $ 100 million.
• Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun became public property »»»
Only that the publisher Electronic Arts has made us a royal gift: the three parts of a classic strategy Command & Conquer transferred to national property.