Cosmic Skateboard

Rocket skates, 3-dimensional arcade game, clear graphics that still need to order to get a lot of fun! By genre game, in all races involved eight best athletes from all over the universe. Among which there are characters from our land, as well, and aliens from distant galaxies, Plus there’s even a robot! In Game 4 of the race and the 4 stages of participation. In the early pass the most basic card. Learn how to manage - it’s very useful to you, reach the level of professionals! There are rules, “Cosmic Skateboard” they are very clear. 3 winners of the races will continue to fight in the upcoming stage of the race, the rear seats are excluded. In the first place you get to 10 points for the second - 7, and for the third - just 4. The rules are simple one else will score will become the champion of the galaxy. Recaptures points off rivals to become the king of the road, however, the route becomes a fight. Look good on the track where that is not enough - a marked decrease in, turning on them you will come off. At the start, try to squeeze rivals as much as possible to continue to come off as far as possible. Also, you attend the super engines. Well here is a little trick! Fuel to the engine burns out, I advise you not to waste it in vain. “Space Skateboard” is very interesting in the genre of arcade games.

25 September 2010

Roman politicians were given laptops with computer games, so they do not get bored on long meetings

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The report, auditors play people in Russia ” Fighting, fighting games, simulations and role-playing civilians are more typical for boys aged 10 to 19 years.