Firaxis Games are planning to recreate the UFO: Enemy Unknown

According to the website Game Informer, the company Firaxis Games, best known for producing such games Sid Meier, Civilization as from the third to fifth parts, recreating the pirates, etc. announced plans to recreate one of the iconic game of the early nineties - UFO: Enemy Unknown.

“It was our cherished dream - to recreate the X-COM, given our unique creative vision of the game. We - big fans of the original game and a chance to rethink the game so beloved as X-COM, falls only once in my life,” - said Steve Martin, president of Firaxis Games, adding - “We have carefully transfer all the elements of X-COM, which made it a respectable game in our XCOM: Enemy Unknown, developing a new story and gameplay, which should please both old fans of the series and newcomers’ .

The game was announced for PC, PS3 and Xbox360. Open link in Google Translate

8 January 2012

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