China continues to struggle with online games

The Chinese Government has continued the long-term ideological struggle with online games, this time by the television broadcast at the central national channel “China Central Television”.

29 December 2009 | china, fighting, government

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• Triangular diplomacy in Civilization IV »»»
Many new players use diplomacy effectively unsystematic way. They used diplomacy only when this became necessary.
• Man went blind after four days of continuous play »»»
According to the Chinese edition of China Daily, a fan of online games was an interesting gospitalizovan diagnosed after a held in a computer club for four days in a row.
• Swedish users of Second Life ahead of the government of his country »»»
Opening of the Embassy of Sweden in the online game Second Life is scheduled for the coming months.
• Online games in China became possible only under real names. From May 1, mandatory identification of identity cards »»»
Play online games in China becomes possible only under real names.
• In World of WarCraft another problem with the Chinese bureaucracy »»»
The Chinese operator’s MMORPG World of WarCraft, the company NetEase, another problem.