World of Tanks: update to version 7.2.

The developers of the popular online game World[/t[t:tag slug=mir]World of Tanks (World of Tanks) reported that the update worked 7.2. It is intended to eliminate a number of mistakes that brought discomfort during the game and the game world will make a lot of new products.

An important innovation of the game will be to increase the number of specialties tank crew. In Pack 7.2 will be available for 20 new skills for the tank. In addition, World of Tanks expand geographically, with the addition of two gaming locations. Map of “Live Oaks” is a North American surroundings, and the “Province” will be made in the form of landscapes, illustrating the Italian open spaces. Especially please fans of the game the appearance of a series of American tanks PT-self-propelled guns, equipped with a rotating turret. Tank T34 will become an elite unit, a tank premiumnym 8th level, while the T30 will take on the 9th level. Thus, the T30 will be a leader in the new line-up tanks class of PT-ACS. Freed “ordinary” places will hold the machine - M103 and T110.

Special attention is awarded and newcomers, they had introduced a system of interactive learning.

5 February 2012

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