Interview with Jordan Mechner - the man who invented and drew one of the greatest computer games of all time

- You pelevinskogo “Prince of Gosplan” read?

- About three years ago read, yes - my Russian friends have advised. I was stunned, of course! Even could not have imagined that a writer here knows what a “Prince of Persia“.

- Actually, “Prince” to many in Russia was the first computer game. In this case there is initially a very simple structure: two and a half characters run from left to right. And now - a half-dozen sequels, a cult film that’s shot. How all this up?

- First “Prince” I programmed on Apple II, still in college studying. And me at that time were quite distinct cinematic landmarks: In Search of the Lost Ark “about Indiana Jones (he just came out then), plus classic movies with Air rolom Flynn, Douglas Fairbanks … “Gold” open Voyage of Sinbad, “such things. I ka Jette camping, I’m kind of a major hit with a wave of those fil mi Mami. The initial charge of game two helped dozens of years to evolve into different forms.

- In the story “The Prince” - pure Jung, everything is built on archetypes, just the textbook. It consciously you did?

- Partly yes, because I was in college close reading of Jung and Campbell and quickly realized that the “1001 Nights”, where “The Prince” is also based in large part - is the perfect myth. But it was an interesting moment: Prince Shadow (main en tagonist of the first “Prince of Persia.” - Note. Ed.) Absolutely archetypal character, by luchilsya my chance. At Apple II was those nical problem - I’m there just was not able to paint a model character. How long struggled, eventually spat and left him semi-transparent. It was only much later realized that in fact it turned out perfectly.
- Bruckheimer (producer of the film “Prince of Persia.” - Note. Ed.) Probably all loved it.

- I said to him six years ago came with a declaration Coy at the script, then it is all in a rather sluggish mode passed, but after the “Pirates” began to turn. The film, incidentally, is not based on the very first u re, and the fourth in a row - The Sands of Time, Ubisoft has done it. There just came a magic dagger, all these manipulations

28 May 2010

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