Youth Committee of the State Duma wants to encourage Russian ruble manufacturers patriotic games

After the scandal surrounding the game “Call of Duty“, where gamers offered to shoot civilians passengers at Sheremetyevo, the State Duma is seriously concerned unpatriotic content of computer games. As a result, the Duma Committee for Youth Affairs took the initiative to prepare a draft law “On state support of industry of interactive technologies, computer and video games in Russia.

The authors of the recommendations suggest that patriotic game developers should obtain a number of benefits, including reduced tariff premiums to the pension and other federal funds rate in effect in 2009 for residents of technology-innovative special economic zones. MPs also suggest the government consider lifting VAT on the implementation of this product in electronic media.
Virtualnyyh enemies “to compel the world”

Explained GZT.RU member of the Committee on Youth, United Russia Pavel Zyryanov, tax breaks in the first place can get game makers to the military-historical themes. “In those” shooter “about World War II, which are so popular, emphasizes the role of American soldiers in the fight against the Nazis. Accordingly, the young people a false distortion of the history of what is wrong,” - said the deputy GZT.RU. He noted that work on the bill will be long as it takes a lot of coordination and refinement, but in any case, by May 9 gamers waiting for a tournament on the computer game “attack plane” (a hero who fights with the German army in the IL).

15 February 2010

Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun became public property
Virtualnyyh enemies “to compel the world”

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