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This story of insatiable lamb at the names of Sven. His goal in life - to satisfy all the sheep. And it is not surprising. Sunny weather, green meadow, and all around is full of sheep. Here are just a shepherd with a dog nuisance. They need to walk away, because, having fallen into their hands, you will certainly not lucky. Sheep, too, sometimes not present. They are capricious and women will not be tolerated. If the sheep will be a long wait, she can get angry (it will be a cloud over his head), if you do not sreagiruete instantly, then the appearance of lightning had better not. And if it’s quite sbesitsya, then you have to run away, sheep blush and she’ll have a horn.
To avoid this from happening to chpoknut all sheep in the allotted time. To start the process … need to approach the sheep behind and hit the spacebar.

19 August 2010

In Disney multiplayer game “World of wheelbarrows” can not create avtomobilchik with number 69
Compromised security system console Playstation 3

• Triangular diplomacy in Civilization IV »»»
Many new players use diplomacy effectively unsystematic way. They used diplomacy only when this became necessary.
• Yegor Prosvirnin: Russia simply must necessarily appear the State Agency for Computer Games »»»
… Standard ritual before the fight - roll company recruits, who, where, what age, what is the name.
• Secret Agent females in Splinter Cell 4 for the PS3 »»»
Admirers of espionage series Splinter Cell, who purchased the PS3 and wait out the fourth part of the game in March, waiting for a little surprise.
• Before the Fallout 3 trailer only a little over a month »»»
Company Bethesda, which recently bought the rights to the Fallout series for $ 5.
• Commander Keen in Flash »»»
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