Demand for the consoles and games in the U.S. falls

The company NPD said further deterioration in sales in the U.S. market of video games. Demand for the console, software products and related accessories in September fell in cash terms by 8% compared with last year’s result - from $ 1.32 to $ 1.22 billion

Most sales sagged prefixes: in September of 2009, the console manufacturers have brought $ 472 million now - $ 383 million That is the volume segment decreased by 19%. Demand for games has decreased by 6% - from $ 649 to $ 614 million and only supplies showed a 13 percent increase, bringing $ 180 million, compared to last year’s $ 159 million

NPD will not disclose sales of consoles in quantitative terms, but notes that in September, but Microsoft was able to increase supplies of Xbox 360, while shipment of Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 3 declined.

The top ten games sold in the U.S. went shooter Halo: Reach, Simulator of American football Madden NFL 11, the zombie shooter Dead Rising 2, racing simulators NHL 11, FIFA Soccer 11 and etc.

From January to September the U.S. game industry generated $ 9.55 billion of revenue, up 8% less than last year’s result for the same period.

15 October 2010

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