Monkeys taught to play computer games

Apes that learned to play computer games exhibit the same behavioral strategy that gamers are men. About this at a conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (American Association for Advancement of Science - AAAS) said the scientist who conducted experiments with animals. Brief paper wrote BBC News video of the experiment and results.

Researchers working with monkeys, Old and New Worlds (respectively, catarrhine and platyrrhine monkeys). The former are more highly developed - this group of monkeys, in particular, are people. Animals were trained to play a simple game: they had to determine how densely populated pixels appearing on the screen box. The joystick monkeys had to select the letter S (filled squares poorly) or D (pixels in the squares a lot). In the case of a correct answer was supposed to Animals is edible reward.

Wrong answer can not be punished, but after the game was stopped for a few seconds -, respectively, moved away a chance to receive the award. Gamers offered an alternative option - a monkey could not choose any answer, and click on the image of a question mark and move on to the next task.

It turned out that in most cases the catarrhine monkeys did so. That is, they realize that they can make a mistake and did not want to wait, choose the next test. Broad-nosed monkeys (authors worked with the Capuchins) could not learn such tactics is also characteristic of humans.

Scientists note that their findings raise the question of when a number of primates, there was the ability to realize their mistakes. It is believed that this quality played a very important role in human evolution.

22 February 2011

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