China has created an online game to train specifically for the military

China has completed development of online games Glorious Mission, focused on the military. As planned by the creators of the game, the new MMOG will help improve the country’s armed forces their combat skills and strengthen the consciousness of the warrior. Publication of China Daily reported that created the game called Glorious Mission. According to information received, the project has nothing to do with World of Warcraft or Lineage 2, it is not RPS, a first-person shooter where the player acts as a soldier, sent to perform the mission.

Virtual fighter armed with the latest Chinese art. According to information from China Daily, a character uses a weapon that is used in a real army of China. To develop from scratch Glorious Mission Chinese took almost three years. During this period they have completed all stages of creation, including all kinds of tests.

In China, the largest community focused online players in the world - where they are more than 477 million people, and this according to official data. China Daily, citing a very reliable, but confidential source, reported that the game Glorious Mission, may be available for ordinary people, not only for the military.

The release of the online project was followed almost immediately after the official announcement of China on the establishment of an elite squad of specialists in the field of Internet security to protect the virtual spaces of the country against cyber attacks. However, Chinese hackers themselves are often accused of hacking into various large and small objects of Internet infrastructure, the new group is also considered a hacker group.

30 June 2011

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