The President of Venezuela against the PlayStation

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in a weekly radio-TV show “Alo Presidente” said the Sony PlayStation game consoles are “road to hell” for local kids, as promoting cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. Prior to this criticism the president has already subjected console Nintendo, which, he says, stimulate the egoism, individualism and violence.

In October last year, Venezuela’s legislature passed a law prohibiting the sale of “militant” video game, violation of which threatens to five years imprisonment. Now Hugo Chavez urged Venezuelan manufacturers to produce educational toys and dolls, whose appearance repeats characteristics of indigenous peoples. According to the president of Venezuela, these toys should be replaced by “capitalist rivals, which have nothing to do with the culture of the country.

18 January 2010

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• In Europe, the supply of prohibited gaming console PlayStation 3 »»»
LG filed a lawsuit against Sony, claiming in a lawsuit that it requires a ban on sales of Bravia TVs and PlayStation 3 in Europe and the USA.
• Demand for the consoles and games in the U.S. falls »»»
The company NPD said further deterioration in sales in the U.
• U.S. video game market declined by a quarter »»»
The company NPD Group has once again been a sharp decline in sales in the U.
• Compromised security system console Playstation 3 »»»
With hackers PSJailbreak claims that she was able to circumvent the protection of game console Playstation 3 and set on her own, and pirated software.
• Sony develops PlayStation 4 »»»
Sony has admitted that working on a next-generation game console, conventionally called the PlayStation 4.