Akella Company made a formal response to the controversial review of the game “Disciples 3: Renaissance” of the site AG.ru

The official response on the items for review can be read here. Akella insists that the review objectively untrue, and is based largely on the averaged opinion of a forum, rather than passing the game author.

This Akella respects the right of journalists to the author’s reviewing the game, and therefore does not make assessments subjective opinion of the author.

Akella also published an open letter to the administration of the portal AG.ru, in which the company says about unfair moderation of forums in which including permitted insult company representatives.

It was also noticed by the mass registration of so-called virtual users on the forums of the company Akella, and postings are under way to discredit the company and the project “Disciples 3″ (a similar situation and around the project Rig 3 “from 1C).

review of ag.ru, 40%

19 January 2010

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• In Russia now has a network of virtual hotels for children Habbo »»»
Finnish company Sulake Corporation announced the official launch in Russia its project Habbo.
• Belarusian game World of Tanks hit the Guinness Book of Records »»»
Belarusian game World of Tanks included in the Guinness Book of Records.
• Wargaming launched Turservice WGtravel with rewards for the players World of Tanks »»»
The developer of the game World of Tanks has launched a project WGtravel - service for the selection of tickets and hotel reservations online.
• 007 - NightFire »»»
By writing this review, strangely enough, I was prompted an article in one of the gaming magazines.
• Xenonauts, Carmageddon: Reincarnation, Drifter: A Space Trading Game - successfully financed in Kickstarter. Akella bankrupt. »»»
Just a little sketch. 3 game project an incarnation of classics - for those who are not in the subject we are talking about X-Com and Elite - have successfully passed the test of people’s love.