Internet friends helped a blind gamers get a video game

A blind resident of Canada on behalf of Jordan Werner was the game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Reporting on the achievement of Werner was shown television channel CNN. In the passing game helped the Canadians by other users. For the project took about two years.

The idea belonged to an American named Roy Williams. He found a YouTube video services for commercials, recorded a blind gamer who held small pieces of the game. Williams contacted the account laid out by the user, and Werner told him that he wants to go the whole game entirely, but believed that dream impossible.

Roy Williams, attached to an zatee few friends, they shared a game between themselves and made detailed instructions, including each movement, which had to be done to complete the game blindly. Jordan Werner listened to this instruction on the computer and step by step, focusing on the sound, the game was to end.

4 March 2010

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