Sony will provide games, all the Android platform

It has long been known that SonyEricsson plans to release androidfon PlayStation Phone, designed for gamers. Today, however, Sony, in addition to the new console, has made another loud announcement: a framework PlayStation Suite, which should be playing center not only for the PlayStation Phone, but also for other devices on the Android (both smartphones and tablets). The company will work with device manufacturers, giving the right to sell those iron which is at a proper level, with the logo “PlayStation ® Certified”, and will sell the game through a special PlayStation Store. In the near future on a new platform porting games from the first PlayStation, and later plans to make new games simultaneously compatible with both PlayStation Certified-devices, and with the new console Next Generation Portable.

It was long thought that Android is much less suitable for high-end games than iOS (much less fragmented) and WP7 (for which there is integration with the Xbox). Now that Android has support for gaming giant Sony, the situation might change.

27 January 2011

The company Yahoo has established bus stops of San Francisco digital screens to passzhiry could play video games
Sony showed a new generation of PlayStation Portable

• Sony showed a new generation of PlayStation Portable »»»
The company Sony, as expected, today announced a new generation portable console PlayStation Portable.
• In Europe, the supply of prohibited gaming console PlayStation 3 »»»
LG filed a lawsuit against Sony, claiming in a lawsuit that it requires a ban on sales of Bravia TVs and PlayStation 3 in Europe and the USA.
• Sony a montré une nouvelle génération de PlayStation Portable »»»
La société Sony, comme prévu, a annoncé aujourd’hui une nouvelle génération de console portable PlayStation Portable.
• Fans of video games serve in the army better than others »»»
According to the Office of Naval Research USA, combat missions with the best handle those soldiers who are to serve in the army is actively playing computer games.
• Coming reissue GTA: San Andreas »»»
In October 2014, as you know, it will be exactly 10 years since the release without a doubt a great, revolutionary at the time and became a legendary game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.