U.S. Department of Defense will teach new recruits to the pain

Of course, the recruits will not suffer in vain, but for a more realistic simulation of falling bullets and shrapnel during a training exercise. In addition, it will not affect their health.
U.S. military seeks to maximize the reliability of training. This helps a variety of external devices and technologies, and tools. For example, “adopted” already made more than 23 games and educational programs relating to various aspects of military training. So, Ambush! helps to establish the logistics and security escorts, Tactical Iraqi teaches language and cultural skills necessary to interact with the Iraqis, and Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy helps to get rid of certain veterans pursuing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). There is a more global projects: in 2008, began the creation of massively multiplayer online game, which has its own virtual world with a Central Asian flavor.

Last week, the leadership of the U.S. Army asked the researchers to the proposal to develop a system that simulates the sensation of pain from falling bullets or shell fragments, or improvised explosive device.

The military requires that the technology was absolutely safe for health and does not damage the soldiers uniforms or equipment, and felt only hit a certain point. In addition, developers will need to accurately calculate the trajectory of bullets and shrapnel and gunshot sound or sync with the moment of explosion psevdopopadaniya. It is assumed that men do not equip worn under the device sending this effect.

Customers do not offer concrete solutions: it may be some kind of “directed ultrasound” or “focused microwaves.” Ideally, the Pentagon wants recruits fought with virtual enemies, but from virtual rounds felt real pain. Subsequently, the technology can be implemented in the entertainment industry and computer games.

Early next year, will evaluate and select the most promising options, and in May with the winners sign contracts.

17 November 2011

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