Of app stores and Apple removed Google scandalous game plastic surgeon

Google and Apple removed the application to mobile phones, simulating plastic surgery after an active campaign of protest, which was held in the social networks.

According to The Guardian, it is about the application under the strange long name Plastic Surgery & Plastic Doctor & Plastic Hospital Office for Barbie, released in January 2013.
It can be freely downloaded in the iTunes Apple Store and Google Play.

In the description of an application created by Corina Rodriguez, said: “This poor girl, she has so much extra weight that no diet will not help her. But in our clinic, she can do liposuction, after which it will become slim and beautiful. Want to work with her as a doctor? ”

Thus, the free app allows you to everyone at the age of 9 years to do virtual surgery with a scalpel on the face of a fictional character, a girl and carry out liposuction in order to make the character “more attractive.”

Thousands of outraged Twitter users rallied around the initiative group of female Every Day Sexism (”Everyday sexism”) with the requirement to remove the application, which, they said, could undermine the confidence of girls and young women in itself, transmits BBC.

16 January 2014

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