PS2 - “pomatrosil and threw”

If you suddenly decide that now, with the latter, Next-gene all previous consoles at once transferred to the level of waste and recycle, you are certainly mistaken - won, PlayStation 2 sold more than good to this day.

Many Industrial analysts see its future in a rosy light - has determined that the sales figures will continue Udelyvaet PS2 Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii in 2007, and probably in 2008.

In this case, the venerable console once again confirmed its status ” the most popular consoles of all time, “Sony vytolknuvshey a leader in this sector of business.

old woman, incidentally, good odds, not only in the third world (how far are not legally crawled newer mastodons), but also in those The U.S. - a hefty percentage of buyers preferred a slim PS2 clumsy “X-coffin. Thanks to several thousand titles …

28 December 2006 | output, playstation, prefix

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In the new year, office workers can no longer play

• PlayStation 4 - will not be »»»
Even before launching the PlayStation 3 and Wii just lazy analyst predicted the fate of each, did not promise an incredible success and a complete disaster for another.
• PS3 begin to cheapen .... »»»
Japanese fans consoles very lucky! Even today in Japan, the PlayStation 3 can be bought for far less money than before.
• Microsoft game console will be released in Russia before the competitor from Sony »»»
In Russia start sales top box next generation XBox 360 from Microsoft.
• DELETE YOURSELF! "Portable Xbox to be! »»»
According to analysts of The Diffusion Group, a portable version of Xbox will be released in 2007-2008, when annual income from the sale of portable gaming devices to reach (again projected) $ 3 billion, analysts believe that at this point, Microsoft just waits in meditations - do production itself or to license the work to third parties.
• Personal mercenaries! »»»
Unheard of news. Driven only by her explanation, Electronic Arts decided to release a continuation of the GTA-shaped fighter Mercenaries are not only on next-generation consoles - the list of target platforms randomly wormed and PC.