Yakuza 2 conquers Japanese market

There are reports that the game Ryu ga Gotoku 2, outside of Japan, known as Yakuza 2, enjoys great popularity in his homeland. Already the stores delivered more than 500 thousand copies of the game, and sales also rapidly approaching that mark. Recall that the Action for the PlayStation 2 was released December 7, 2006 (currently only in Japan), so that half a million copies per month - more than an impressive figure. The first part of the game was able to overcome this bar only a year after sales began, when the budget re-emerged. It remains only to wait for Sega to announce the release date English version, and expect that a successful series Yakuza obzavedetsya have at least one sequel.

16 January 2007 | copy, for sale, information, japan, market, name, popularity, yakuza

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