Second Life: the opening of the University business-communication

The Art Institute Online, which is a division of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, reported the discovery on the virtual spaces of Second Life Project peculiar institution. The main purpose for this was the introduction to the game of the course to improve business-communication …

15 February 2007 | business-communication, departments, life, opening, projects, second, second life, space, university

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Star Wars Galaxies: details of the fifth addon

• WOW 2.0 - Second Life, House-3, and other online games not yet released "Corporate Secrets" »»»
Experience Project Second Life virtual worlds will change, even if the project fails.
• Star Wars Galaxies: details of the fifth addon »»»
“For those who have not noticed, during 2006 and 2007-year we were engaged in the improvement of the economic system of the product.
• Australians have created a new virtual three-dimensional world »»»
Company Yoick reported the appearance of the Internet Outback Online - three-dimensional virtual world, which, perhaps, will compete with Second Life, wrote DrugStore Scobleizer.
• A blogger made a parody of Second Life »»»
The popular Canadian blogger made a parody of the project site Sesond Life.
• The economy faces the threat of Second Life »»»
As reported by CNET News, User Group Second Life, which included a man hiding under the nickname Baba Yamamoto, established a program CopyBot, which allows to copy any object in the virtual universe - from clothing to the virtual machine.