Star Wars Galaxies: details of the fifth addon

“For those who have not noticed, during 2006 and 2007-year we were engaged in the improvement of the economic system of the product. Our main objective was the introduction of certain professions, as well as their interaction. For example, a well-developed positions would allow residents of the virtual world defined skills and other skills … ”

15 February 2007 | addon, detail, improvement, product, purpose, system

Second Life: the opening of the University business-communication
Vanguard: Marine News

• Second Life: the opening of the University business-communication »»»
The Art Institute Online, which is a division of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, reported the discovery on the virtual spaces of Second Life Project peculiar institution.
• Source Second Life will be entirely open »»»
The company Linden Lab, developer of the popular virtual universe Second Life, today announced plans to open source the server side of the universe.
• Crysis: man against the jeep »»»
One of the main features of Crysis, which like so many fans, is the high interactivity.
• WELL Online: details of the game system »»»
Developers impending entry to the massively multiplayer online role-playing game WELL Online shared some information about its system.
• The future of online worlds »»»
What is the development of virtual worlds, I see in the future: 1) Will finds a way to transfer images directly to consciousness through one or another way to connect directly to the optic nerve or directly to the brain that can accomplish all realistic presence in these worlds - aka the matrix.