Vanguard: Marine News

Company Sigil Online Games released to light another one-minute trailer on the game ships. Note that on a fresh clip you can see the different types of marine vehicles, which were designed in the virtual world residents.

15 February 2007 | boat, company, facility, light, news, trailer, type, video, world

Star Wars Galaxies: details of the fifth addon
Total 6202 U.S. dollars for nostalgia

• New Trailer Unreal Tournament 3 »»»
Epic company introduced a new exclusive video game Unreal Tournament 3 release is scheduled for the second quarter of this year.
• Australians have created a new virtual three-dimensional world »»»
Company Yoick reported the appearance of the Internet Outback Online - three-dimensional virtual world, which, perhaps, will compete with Second Life, wrote DrugStore Scobleizer.
• Half-Life 2: Episode 2 coming soon »»»
Strange as it seems in the light of current trends carries games, but Episode 2 of the trilogy of Half-Life 2 still will have this winter.
• Virtual worlds are now in cellphones »»»
Finnish company Sulake, creator of the virtual online world Habbo Hotel, recently introduced Mini Friday - another virtual world like Habbo, but who is already in a parallel mobile space.
• Lead designer Nintendo encouraged to develop joyful games »»»
Video game developers must overcome their desire to create sequels to existing hits and the game, telling about the horrors and revenge, “said Shigeru Miyamoto (Shigeru Miyamoto), a leading designer of Nintendo, reports Associated Press.