In South Korea, depending on the game Starcraft treated with antidepressants

Psychiatrists from the University of Chung prescribed in 11 patients who were diagnosed with dependence on online games (mostly - from the game Starcraft), an antidepressant called Bupropion. The preparation is issued within six weeks.

After treatment craving for the game fell to 23.6%, the total playing time - by 35,5%, informs portal Wired. Prior to the use of the drug the patients were playing Starcraft on average four hours a day. Six of them within two months of no school, two were divorced due to his passion for the game.

The dependence of citizens on video games pose to South Korea a serious problem. According to official statistics, about two million South Koreans - or every 10-th player - suffer from this addiction.

24 August 2010

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