In Samara, voters are invited to play a game of “pick himself mayor.” In this game always wins one candidate - from the “United Russia”

October 10 in Russian single day of voting - will be elected by the parliaments of dozens of municipalities, mayors and six Regional Legislative Assembly. A few days before the vote the candidates are taking the latest propaganda effort that not all experts are inclined to consider legitimate. Before scheduled for this day elections the head of Samaria in the public area of the city people are asked to participate in the computer game “Pick your mayor.” Such a game - win-win for the candidate of United Russia, and, in fact, it is agitating to vote for him.

The game is played Samara Foundation of Social Technologies. Her party is required to choose one of the four registered candidates in the mayoral election commissions. Choose should be answering the questions asked the computer. Here are sample questions from the game: “Which of the youngest candidates? Which candidate has the support of the federal government?” Which of the candidates the cutest? “. In the game “Pick your mayor,” with computer directly coordinator Samara Association for the Rights of Voters Voice “Lyudmila Kuzmina. She shared her impressions with the correspondent of Radio Liberty:

- Of course, this custom game. After all, someone has spent money to install these machines. Someone spent money on something to supply them with the program. Of course, this is an example of campaign technology, because how could you not played, winning candidate Dmitry Azarov. What is the end result? Once again to the right candidate - finds Lyudmila Kuzmina.

Interestingly, in the end of the game with the computer choose their mayor Samarians to get the prize - a packet of biscuits or chocolate - must provide their personal data: name and phone number. Most ordinary Samarans believes computer game “Pick your Mayor” campaign advertising candidate of the party “United Russia”.

8 October 2010

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