Xenonauts, Carmageddon: Reincarnation, Drifter: A Space Trading Game - successfully financed in Kickstarter. Akella bankrupt.

Just a little sketch. 3 game project an incarnation of classics - for those who are not in the subject we are talking about X-Com and Elite - have successfully passed the test of people’s love. At the same time Ksenonavty scored 300% requested, Karmageddon - 150% Drifter - 160%
In contrast to the message of the bankruptcy of one of the Russian players of the publishing business - Akella[/[t:tag slug=akella]Akella
The cause of all ills “Akella” that the company ignored the trend and went online.

Participants who engaged in retail sales, and do not specialize in online games are serious losses due to falling retail gaming market. Everything goes to the internet. Last year, the retail market fell by 30% this year is not expected to drop lower.

Vice-President of the playing areas Mail.Ru Group, adds that the off-line play in general show a negative trend. He said the volume of the Russian segment of the PC games from 2010 to 2011 declined by about 16%. At the same time the volume of online game industry grew by nearly 70%.

Do not you think the world has changed a little bit?

18 June 2012

In South Korea to ban free online games
Officially launched Call of Duty Online

• The global online games market in 2011 grew by 23%, to $ 20 billion »»»
According to forecasts, in 2013 it will reach 26.7 billion dollars, the report says research firm J’son & Partners Consulting.
• Akella Company made a formal response to the controversial review of the game "Disciples 3: Renaissance" of the site AG.ru »»»
The official response on the items for review can be read here.
• As Ming entrepreneur has created a World of Tanks - the most popular online game »»»
Moscow has recently captured the red - the clan Red, which sponsors a businessman.
• Today, August 12 marks five years of an incredibly popular game World of Tanks »»»
The idea of ​​the game, according to the developers, there was 29 or 30 December 2008.
• Warface set a new record »»»
The Russian market has become the gaming industry for more than one champion.