Rashkintsy, be vigilant, even the walls and ceiling have ears and eyes. For you should have more eye heads the FBI!

“The head of the FBI Raska sees and hears everything. It is unknown little-known people. That someone is following behind each and conducts business on every rashkintsa. Now he builds his web in the oil and banking fields. He knows where to throw his special forces, yes, yes precisely there where the swirling a lot of money. The guys from Special Forces - is his natural sons, of course they were better espionage school, even the Pope himself is far from their professionalism.
25-year-old son, heads the FBI, had worked in the Division 9 of the FBI, directly under the wing of his father. When my father saw that his chick is already on long flights is fit, he decided to send him to the company “Black gold” in order to guard the honor and dignity of the gold mining.
eldest son of head of the FBI has long been working in banking structure Raska. But he was so proficient, that no one knows exactly who this man is and how it looks. That’s what is called a family profession! ”

13 September 2006 | eyes, fbi, head, man, son, wall

Europa Universalis III
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Fourteen young Chinese have fled the camp for people suffering from Internet addiction.
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• Chinese student arrested for selling virtual items for MMORPG »»»
Universsiteta Chinese student was arrested for illegal commercial activities. It is illegal was simply that while studying in Japan, I reckon (though, goes not so poor) had only a student visa, which gives no right to conduct commercial transactions.
• STALKER is already available in shops »»»
Long-term construction STALKER, which is making for five years, it seems really comes out this year.