Cave Story

Wonderful toy with a nonlinear storyline, a spectacular drive and beautiful pixel graphics. There are versions for Windows and Mac, in GNU / Linux runs through Wine (but slower). It is also recommended to download English Patch, otherwise without it all going intricacies you need to understand the basis of only one Japanese.

19 October 2006 | graphics, linux, story, toy, version, windows

Finam will invest elves and goblins
Exit PS3 in Europe delayed again

• Patch for heroes 5 »»»
That’s left the long-awaited patch version 1.1. Patch for the Russian version Download - 38.
• Patch für Heroes 5 »»»
Das linke ist der lang erwartete Patch-Version 1.1. Patch für die russische Version Download - 38,29 MB WARNUNG!
• DirectX 10 are porting to Linux and MacOS »»»
Yesterday the company Falling Leaf Systems announced the alpha version of the efficiency project called Alky Project.
• WEBSCANER.RU \ \ Patch 1.3 for Quake 4 »»»
Created on the wave of success of patch 1.2, patch 1.
• DirectX 10 sont le portage sur Linux et MacOS »»»
Hier, la compagnie Falling Leaf Systems a annoncé que la version alpha du projet d’efficacité appelé Alky Project.